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              Welcome to Shaoxing Yiteng Knitting Co.,Ltd.!

              About us

              Shaoxing Yiteng Knitting Co.,Ltd. is located in Shaoxing China, which is known as "a cultural relic that country, a fertile region". It is close to the largest textile distribution center of Asia----China Light & Textile Industrial City, and only 25km away from Xiaoshan International Airport and 3km from Shaoxing Exit of Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, so we enjoy good location and convenient traffic conditions.

              Our company is a modern joint-stock enterprise specialized in designing, developing, producing and trading all kinds of knitted fabrics with self-support import and export rights. The main products are: single jersey (100% cotton, T/C, T/R, cotton spandex fabric, rayon + spandex fabric, melange and polyester, etc); pique mesh, interlock fabric, three-thread fleece, CVC fleece; polar fleece (T/R polar fleece), single-side raised flannelette, both sides raised fleece, sheared plush, solid (color-stripe) fleece in one side, knitted net (bird eyes cloth, waffle cloth, etc), knitted waffle, Roman cloth, knitted lustrine, clinquant velvet, mercerized velvet, velveteen, loop file fabric, warp knitted net, blanket and all kinds of bonded fabrics and printed fabrics.

              Our company owns over ten years' history on production and sales and a number of operational channels. Our products are well accepted in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and areas. Meanwhile, we also can accept customers' materials for processing; we sincerely welcome your business.

              Our tenet is "Quality First, Client Paramount". Our target is "Reasonable Price, Satisfactory Client". We are looking forward to cooperating with both existing and new clients.

              Copyright(C)2018, Shaoxing Yiteng Knitting Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChinaTexNet TexWeb Toocle Copyright Notice
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